Mark Lindsay

Certified Appraiser

Marin County, California


22 years of appraisal experience in Marin County.

Providing in depth analysis of complex properties,  unique conditions and markets

Valuation and analysis for residential property in Marin County.
We have experience working with major lending institutions and small community banks that require experienced appraisers.
Valuation for the IRS: gifts, donations, stepped up basis. We work with estate planners, attorneys and families to document value for residential real estate.
Divorce settlements , mediation for current value or retrospective value.
Pre construction planning and market analysis.


Do Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and all the others seem a bit confusing to work with? Still trying to decide what drives value?


I can help. Cash buyers, second opinions, just tired of listening to your inlaws and want a third party with local knowledge to give you unbiased insight, I can do that. 

Market misbahaving and not making sense? Call this appraiser and get the straight scoop.

I only work in Marin. Call 272.4081


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